Minecraft is one of the reputed and renowned video games created by Swedish game developers, and it was released publically in 2011. These video game series evolve so popularly that more than 238 million copies have sold, and there are almost 140 million active users monthly till the current year.

Are you a genuine follower of the Minecraft series? There are millions in every corner of the globe. We often play this game in the passing time; what is your preferred time?

Have you ever played Minecraft in school or office? Most time, when you try to access the game in the restricted area, you may have noticed the blocked game message on the screen.
If you want to discover the steps to unblock Minecraft games in restricted areas, stay tuned with us!


What is unblock Minecraft?

You must have noticed frequently that some websites can not open in certain places due to inappropriate content. For instance, let's say you are in school and want to play the game in the system in your pass time. However, games are not allowed in the school, as the games are or the website is blocked in that area. Unblock Minecraft is all about the process of unlocking the game in the restricted area you can use space bar clicker to play games.

Steps to unblock the Minecraft game:

Unblocking Minecraft is a straightforward process and follows 3 to 5 steps.

Choose the VPN:

To resolve the Minecraft unblocking problem, you should choose VPN. In case; you have a VPN, you can use it to unblock the Minecraft game. Or otherwise, check the list of VPN providers and select the right one.

Install the related app for VPN:

Once you subscribe to the VPN service, you have to install the related app on the device you are using. If you have a laptop or mobile, download the app for the following process.

Set the VPN app:

Once your VPN app is installed in the preferred system, you should set it up as per the instruction. Also, if they ask for permission to have certain access, agree on it and proceed.

Connect the VPN:

After all the successful VPN installation and settings, you have to connect the VPN to the near network. Just hit the connect button, and your VPN will automatically connect to the network server.

Start playing Minecraft:

Now your VPN is ready to unblock the Minecraft game, go to the website and start playing it. The only reason to VPN is that it will show your device out of the restricted area, and you will be able to access it without any trouble. Also, note that you should keep changing the VPN server of the network every time from the sitemap setting.

Why sometimes is it necessary to Unblock Minecraft?

Minecraft video game series is one of the widespread games in the market. We have played it now and then since it has been released. With every level of the game, it gets more challenging and addictive. Many times Minecraft helps you to get relax from the hectic schedule. If you are in a school or office campus, you can not play Minecraft in the restricted area. So to continue playing your desired Minecraft, it becomes necessary to unblock. Moreover, it's not only about Minecraft; many other games and sites get blocked in a particular area due to security reasons. So, it is better to unblock these games if you want to access them.

Why is it necessary to use VPN to unblock Minecraft?

Using VPN has tons of benefits while unblocking Minecraft or any other job. Following are the points that will help you understand why you should VPN.

It is easy to access:

When you take the service from a reputed VPN provider, you can access all its features easily.

It offers the security:

VPN helps you maintain the security of your network and help you protect from outsider attacks.

It evades ban and lets you unblock the Minecraft:

If you are trying to unblock Minecraft, it means you are in a restricted area, and you can not access it. One of the best features or services VPN provides is that it evades the blocked server and opens a way for you to access it.

It is user friendly and easy to use:

The process of connecting the VPN to the network is straightforward. The apps you install to support your VPN are also user-friendly and allow you to access VPN settings in any OS.
Reasons for the popularity of the Minecraft games

  • The graphics are the reason. The game is so creative and entertaining also lets you create your small universe.
  • The customization setting of the games is convenient. Also, you can change it as per your requirement and mood.
  • It is perfectly compatible with every device, whether mobile or desktop.
  • One reason is that it is kids friendly and enables them to learn something new.
  • They often update the games with advanced versions.
  • It is unlimited fun and entertainment while playing Minecraft.

Some common questions on unblocking Minecraft

Is it necessary to use VPN to unblock Minecraft?

It is significant to use a VPN for the unblocking process, and VPN can evade the block server and protect the server from attackers. So it is always recommended to use a VPN during the process.

How to access Minecraft in the restricted area?

We have already discussed the steps to unblock Minecraft in restricted areas like schools or offices. However, all you need is a VPN, and just connect your VPN and access it anywhere.

What type of VPN is recommended while unblocking Minecraft?

You can use any VPN service provider to follow the steps. However, if you take the service from a reputable company, it will be more beneficial.


Minecraft has been a famous game for the past decades. And we all are playing it for many reasons. To access Minecraft games in restricted areas, it is essential to unblock them. We have discussed the steps to play the game anywhere without any trouble. One of the ways to unblock Minecraft is by connecting VPN to evade the network. We hope this article will be beneficial for you.